7 Steps To Launching Your New Website

When launching a new website a lot of question may rise regarding the method. As we know thousands of new websites are launched every day, so the main question here is how can we be different? How can we bring something new in order for our website to shine a bit more than the rest? No matter what we bring out there, we need to check over and over any small negative detail. So here are few steps to guide you through the process.

Domain Name

Try to buy a domain with a spicy name. If we would like to launch a website about furniture for example, choose something that makes your website unique. Don’t go for a common name like ‘wood furniture’. Add to your name something that will attract the eye.


As we know the content of the website is very important. Check before the top sites out there with the same type of services. Look for their services, and try to figure out how to bring a new service. Bring as many information as you can about your company in order for the customers to realise that you’re a professional, not someone who just landed there.

Be The Customer

Imagine now that you are the guy that buys from you. Enter on your website and see if you’ll definitely choose your own product. See if all the information is accurate, if someone that is going to visit it, is going to understand what is there. Also ask your friends to have a look and to give you not a friendly review, but their honest opinion.


Be sure that you can answer fast. Being new, first you ‘ll need to create a portfolio, so be sure that you can sort out fast any query and also be sure that you can be reliable. First impression counts, so try to convince anyone that you can be better that anyone out there. Some positive reviews in the first days will build a solid base for a start-up


Even if you wrote it yourself, or someone with experience did it for you, check the keywords in your content. See if they cover everything in order for your website to be easy to find. Bring every possibleword into the content.

Prepare For Fussiness

Being new, you’ll need to think that some of the customers will be fussy. Take every possible scenario regarding your service, things that might go wrong, and prepare for them. If you know what to expect, you’ll know how to answer. So don’t just expect for a problem thinking that you’re going to solve it then. Think in advance!

Test It!

Any website can have some technical issues. Nothing is perfect. Again, you need to be ready for it. Test any technical issue that may appear when the website will be online. Play with every shortcut, do everything that a customer will do when he is going to use your website.

One thing is certain. Prevent any scenario before launching so you can have any answer prepared and ready. You’ll create quality!